What is possible for you if you can truly be yourself and never have to worry about fitting in?

What would your life be like, when you can finally express all parts of you, pour your entire being into everything you do, and be free of the distractions that stem from the feeling that you don’t belong?

You might have tried to improve your situation and tried many things like I did for years.

Perhaps, because you are determined to change your life, you convinced yourself to stop grappling with the feeling of not belonging, and focus on getting ahead…

Or you try to ignore the anxiety and doubts that pop up constantly.

Or you told yourself that your challenges would dissolve once you achieve success or if you move or if you join another group of people.

I have done all those things, too. And my intention was to help me stay motivated and also insulate myself a little from the frustration and the hurt.  But ironically, the reality is that my effort only prolonged the agony.

But there is a better way.

The feeling that you don’t fit in is completely valid.

And I get that the feeling is quite complex.

True, you are not like everyone else.  Let’s face it – you already know that not everyone will ‘get you.’ That doesn’t mean you can’t be your genuine self or you’ll be alone.  It doesn’t mean that you need to pretend and conform, either.

It means that only you have the power to change your life as you see fit.  What you truly want exists beyond the confines of someone else’s vision. You deserve to proudly be yourself, pursue your own vision, live your normal (How freeing that is! No, it won’t make your life boring ), and develop meaningful relationships by honestly expressing yourself more fully.  

Now it’s up to you to face the challenge so that you can claim your place in the world.

I’ve done it, and so can you.

How does coaching with me work?

Coaching isn’t a miracle, advice-giving, or a feel-good conversation. 

My coaching program is a targeted process of cultivating self-awareness and developing emotional, mental, and behavioral muscles in the relevant areas.

1. I offer a 10-session coaching package program.

Over 10 sessions we will cover 6 key topics that builds the personal leadership and gears you towards the results you want.  Before you leave each session, you will develop a resourceful mindset and make your insights actionable.  You will learn to master new skills and tools to show up in the world in the way you intend to with more confidence.

2. I am a Certified NLP and Inner Dynamics Coach

Your coaching sessions will have a framework, which includes the following ideas.

a) We all experience many different parts/aspects of ourselves.

You probably can recognize various parts of your personality as our everyday language suggests that we think in parts. 

For example, do you sometimes feel torn and conflicted? A part of you wants to go to a friend’s party, but another part of you feels trapped and anxious about it.

Do you have layers of feeling like a part of you feels happy, and another part of you feels a bit sad?  Or you want to speak up, but there is a part that tells you to keep quiet?  Or is there a part of you that is bursting to come out?

b) We are naturally and inherently compassionate, curious, fair, mindful, and resilient. Let’s consider this resourceful mindset/perspective, the person you really are deep down, aka., Core Self.

From the vantage point of the true Self, which you can learn to access more consistently, you are able to:

  • Most effectively resolve your emotional hurdles and inner conflicts
  • Generate exponential personal growth
  • Bring out your inner resource/parts to their full potential, and
  • Empower yourself with the ability to make choices that create a sense of wholeness and satisfaction. There are no ‘bad’ parts, though you may have a part of you that you hate. 

The advantage of recognizing and exploring different parts of you

Each part of you has an essential function in your life.  Communicating with parts is a gentle and effective method of addressing both hidden and familiar emotions your hold.  It also helps reveal your conscious and unconscious beliefs, motivations, and paradigms with more precision.  

In other words, the process can address the root cause of your obstacle, clear the way to new possibilities, and create lasting changes.

c) What you see, hear, and feel on the inside are valuable instruments for change.  Your senses inform you of your thinking process and the inner world, and the understanding you generate through them empowers you to have more choice in how you respond to various situations.

3. Schedule a free consultation before signing up.

Let’s meet before you make your decision.  I offer a consultation so that we can get to know each other a bit and you can learn more about coaching, my coaching style, sample session topics, and ask whatever questions you want to clear up before getting started.

If you are ready and committed to finding out what more is possible for you, then I want to help.

10 Sessions 1-on-1 Coaching

Over the course of 10 sessions (approx. 3-4 months), you will dive into different parts of yourself, start cultivating insight and the skills to navigate and transform your life. 

The objective of the sessions is to prepare you for action towards your goals.  The real-world change requires real-world action by none other than you.  I provide the framework for the exploration.

The program is for you if some or all of these apply to you.

  • You feel like an outcast no matter where you are.
  • You hate being labeled, pressured into meeting expectations and standards, yet you can’t help comparing yourself against others and even feel judgmental towards them.
  • You keep on fantasizing about living another life but you have no idea what you really want.
  • You feel conflicted and struggle to make decisions.
  • You often feel misunderstood.
  • You know you lead a pretend life; it’s stressful and you hate yourself for it.
  • You overcompensate and go overboard meeting expectations to avoid feeling judged, controlled, or criticized.
  • Secretly feel ashamed and guilty of not fitting in. Or, you feel anxious and worried wondering if you are lacking something.


If that is you, then together we can start the process of transforming your ‘self’ and creating the life that you actually feel is for you.

What you can expect to get out of from coaching with me.

  • Connect with and explore the emotions, fears, thoughts you are tired of having and learn the skill to transform them
  • Clarity on what you want and who you are, which helps you become more confident in expressing your true self in the world.
  • Act based on your insights. Show yourself that the change is possible.
  • Let the bigger picture of your life moving forward emerge and start addressing milestone goals you want to achieve.

This package includes:

  • 10 x 75-minute Deep-Dive sessions via Zoom
  • Unlimited ad hoc email support for 4 months
  • Bonus: 2 x 30-minute bonus follow-up sessions upon request


Want Something Else?

A Single Session

1 x 75-minute session with a bonus 15 minute follow-up call upon request.

A Series of 3 x 75-minute Sessions

3 x 75-minute deep dive sessions.  Unlimited ad hoc email support for the duration of the coaching engagement, plus a 15-minute bonus follow-up call upon request.


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