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Working with Kay has been life-changing. When I first sought her help, I felt burdened by this constant feeling that I was looking for something missing- often I interpreted that nagging feeling as my unfulfilled desire to launch a new business or new career path. Working with Kay brought an entirely new realization of what I was actually missing (which was much more subtle and internal, and I don't think I would have ever discovered it in my own), and for the first time- ever- I don't feel that constant sense of seeking for something "better" or "out there". Kay's methods are really unique- I've never seen or experienced or heard of anything like it. She is a very thoughtful, intuitive, and detailed listener and she can pick out insights that are missed by most. Kay has earned my trust, respect, and profound appreciation, and I would recommend her wholeheartedly to anyone looking to understand themselves better and to effectuate positive and long-lasting transformation.
Cindy K.
Attorney and Entrepreneur, Los Angeles CA
I came to Kay to address the challenge of feeling abandoned and lonely after 30 years of marriage. I had moved to Europe from India for work without addressing the issues in my marriage with myself or my partner.

All of a sudden, I found myself living like a student during the pandemic. With Kay, I started with a small goal like how to address my emotional triggers which were usually eruptive and left me emotionally drained. I decided with Kay's help that I would make 'to speak one's mind' without this feeling of not being heard or drained, a goal for our sessions.

I was most impressed by Kay's ability to listen without intrusion. She is so present and yet not once did I feel judged, counseled, or controlled by her. I must say she does make you work hard. She does this by asking questions and finding blind spots or just listening so intently to words that I myself missed or forgot I had uttered.

After 6 sessions with Kay I do the work of seeing the different parts of me by talking to myself. I do this because Kay has given me the tools to speak to myself. This is so different from the unreflective inner dialogue of conditioning that we all carry in our heads. I now can de-clutter my head as quickly as it gets cluttered. Part therapy has helped me speak clearly, without passive aggression or excessive emotional expression, and I know I am being heard.

Aarti K.
Researcher, The Netherlands
Kay provided a safe and beautiful space for me to explore very personal beliefs and vulnerabilities. She was like the flashlight that kept pointing to parts of me that would show up during our conversations.

This loving support has helped me to continue accepting all parts that are me so that I can address problems with a wider perspective. I have and would recommend Kay and her style of coaching wholeheartedly...

Rashmi Zimburg
Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach
Wow. I have spent years in therapy attempting to “fix the wrong in me”. But with Kay, I felt I was able to simply share a small piece of myself without rehashing old junk.

And yet somehow she guided me to a place where I felt safe to confront something painful in a way that seemed genuinely relieving. I had a huge “Aha!” by recognizing that the voice echoing negativity was my own, even when it may have stemmed from another person, ultimately I was the one allowing it to play on repeat.

Together we muted that voice for just a moment. Oh the freedom!!! I practice this daily, sometimes hourly. And I cannot tell you enough how much lighter I feel. I now share this “aha” with guests in my care and loved ones and anyone who shares a similar self-doubting thought pattern. Cancel the noise, friends. True soul therapy ❤️

Jenteny Gunderson
Licensed Esthetician, USA
Working with Kay has been incredibly helpful as I get back on my feet from a long illness. This has been my first coaching experience, and it has been remarkable having someone to help break down intimidating goals into manageable steps. Kay truly does want the best for her clients, and that is evident in her sessions.

Cecilia M
Artist, North Carolina
My session with Kay was immensely helpful. Her approach enabled me to gain clarity and break through the mass of thoughts clouding my mind.

I was able to visualize where I wanted to be, how it felt to be there, the next doable actions I needed to take, and then how to ensure I remained accountable and followed through.

Since then I have been taking solid action and moving forward to meet my goals day-by-day. Brilliant! I’d highly recommend working with her. Thanks Kay!

Michelle C
Mallorca, Spain
It has been such a pleasure working with Kay! She is a smart, compassionate, and friendly coach to work with. I loved her calm aura and level of understanding of my challenges.

Kay does a great job at holding a safe and comfortable space for her clients to reflect on their thoughts and behavior which allows insights to emerge. She is non-judgmental and asks great questions to resolve your personal concerns.

I found her to be really good at knowing what direction to go in as and when I brought up my thoughts. She was also great at summarizing and reflecting the experiences I had which cements the insights that came up. Her sessions definitely made a positive shift in my life -- I noticed tangible improvements in each of the particular areas I discussed which I was really thrilled about!

Uma R
Sri Lanka
Kay was generous with time and space and I could finally express my frustration over not being able to choose moving forward in my life.

I felt gently guided through a process of remembering who I was before the "stuckness" and to an insight that I can choose to be that me again. I feel empowered, glad and in movement after just one session. Thank you Kay.

Vesna S.
Psychomotor therapist, Denmark

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