Coaching for HSPs Who Want a New Way of Being Strong

Do you feel like being sensitive makes you weak?

Do you knowingly or unknowingly equate your sensitivity to being weak, while having an intellectual understanding that you are just fine the way you are and that being sensitive is not a deficit?

It is not uncommon for HSPs to mask their sensitivity to fight the vulnerability they feel by rejecting their sensitive part, ignoring their feelings, and pushing themselves through various challenges.

For example, some HSP men may label their sensitivity to be a poor excuse, numb their emotions, and tell themselves that acknowledging it would make them less as individual or miss out on life.  Some may go above and beyond at work, plowing through their tasks and more no matter how they feel, to the point they feel completely exhausted and burnt out.

Sounds familiar?

Here is the thing.

As Dr. Elain Aron, who coined the term “Highly Sensitive Person”, suggests, HSP is an innate trait, and therefore, it is a core part of you.  What this means is that this “ignore it” approach isn’t a good solution, especially in the long term because you are fighting to eliminate the part of you that won’t be going away.   

It’s like this.  There is a sensitive part of you that is always present.  There is another part of you that wants to mask or even eliminate the sensitive part.  You are going to have a constant conflict between those two parts on the inside as long as you employ the “ignore it” approach.  This is very stressful!

Also, remember.  It takes a lot of inner strength to repress your sensitivity and treat yourself as if you are everyone else. I know that.

You are strong.

What you need to remember is this. Being sensitive doesn’t mean you are weak.  You can be sensitive and be strong.  What you need isn’t being stronger because you are already strong. 

What you need, instead, is a new way of being strong. 

Start Discovering a New Way of Being Strong


8-session Coaching Program to Discover a New Way of Being Strong

The solution is fundamentally transforming your way of being strong.  No repressing your sensitivity or forcing yourself to do the things that simply isn’t right for you just because.  When I say strong here, I am talking about the kind of genuine inner strength that comes from the deepest part of you.

In this coaching program you can address:

    • Your relationship with the sensitive part of you
    • Get clear on how your relationship with your sensitive part is manifesting and creating an inner obstacle (the root cause)
    • Heal the vulnerable parts of you
    • Explore what it means to be strong according to ‘you’
    • Setting boundaries and speaking up for yourself
    • Setting goals and taking everyday action to build your inner strength

The program is tailored to your needs.  Book your free consultation, and we can create your program together.

How to Get Started

STEP 1: Get to Know the Coaching Service I Offer

STEP 2: Book Your Free Consultation Session

STEP 3: Schedule Your First Session

1st Step:  Get to Know the Coaching Service I Offer

I currently offer an 8-session coaching service. Please read this brief post if you have never worked with a coach.

The New ‘Strong’ Package

  • 8 x 60-minute sessions
  • Unlimited email Q and A in between sessions
  • 1 bonus 30-minute session at the end (optional)
  • Payment option: one-time payment or 3 installments

2nd Step:  Book Your Free Consultation

You can book a free consultation with me. You will share your specific goal, and we can discuss what needs to be addressed along the way to help you towards your goal. Don’t worry if you are unsure about your goal – it’s super common. We will take a step-by-step approach to help you gain clarity.

If you want a time slot outside the consultation hours, please email me at and we can find a time that is convenient for both of us.

3rd Step:  Schedule Your First Session

You can schedule your first session during the consultation or via my calendar. If you don’t see a time that works for you, please let me know and we can work out a good time for both of us

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